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We excel at approaching tough challenges from multiple angles. It’s our smarts and dedication that lead our team and clients to breakthroughs.

Nectarines during our Boston offsite standing, making cards for children cards. Man in back, and three women are lined up next to him. All are smiling at the camera.


We ask the hard questions, seek out multiple perspectives, and listen without judgment. We’re relentless in uncovering truths, and are always, always learning. As a team, we’re unstoppable.
Corporate headshot of Rachel Peterson

Rachel Petersen

Co-founder & Partner
San Francisco
Corporate headshot of Gretchen Miller

Gretchen Miller

Chief Operating Officer
Corporate headshot of Bobby Cho

Bobby Cho

Chief Financial Officer
San Francisco
Corporate headshot of Head of People Monique Johnson

Monique Johnson

Head of People
San Francisco
Corporate headshot of Shannon Mcloughlin

Shannon Mcloughlin

Senior Vice President
Corporate headshot of Erin Olsson

Erin Olsson

Senior Vice President
New York
Corporate headshot of Ashley Wyatt

Ashley Wyatt

Senior Vice President


Our values reflect who we are and who we aspire to be. They guide our approach to hiring and developing talent, working as a team, partnering with clients and our communities, and pursuing new business.


Nectar is a gutsy agency. We take chances and aren’t afraid to speak our minds, have a real point of view, and push our clients to leap beyond their comfort zone. We hold ourselves accountable for delivering big for our clients, punching above our weight, and playing as only a nimble, and focused agency can.


We believe in the value and power of different perspectives. We foster an environment where we bring divergent opinions to the same table and approach challenges from multiple viewpoints. Our clients are held to the same standard and expected to let us in and to join us in the process of shaping and delivering their story to the world.


Our propensity to continuously seek and discover news, trends, and insights, especially beyond the usual places, allows us to connect the dots that others don’t. We are in a constant state of learning and believe we should always, always, ask why.

Community Outreach

Giving back

Nectar has a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work.

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